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Our Team


A great team is vital for the smooth running of the yard. Our staff are dedicated to the welfare of each and every horse in our care and all have a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Megan, Antonia and Mille staff at Michael Blake Racing
Megan, Antonia and Mille
Chloe from Michael Blake Racing
Sharon Blake -  at Michael Blake Racing


Favourite Drink: Gin

Favourite Food: Roast Beef

Favourite Place: North Cornwall

Hobby: Somerset Cricket

Favourite TV Show: Fawlty Towers

Favourite Saying: Pay up and look big

Favourite Artist: Leonard Cohen

Sharon Blake -  at Michael Blake Racing


Favourite Drink: Gin and tonic

Favourite Food: Salmon fish cakes

Favourite Place: Staverton Farm

Hobbies: Horses, gardening and playing in a brass band

Favourite TV Show: Any drama

Words of Wisdom: Don't lust after an outcome, life sorts itself out

Favourite Song: Thank you for the day - Kirsty Mcoll

Kelly Ann Appleby - Racing Groom / Work Rider at Michael Blake Racing


Favourite Drink: Coffee…and wine

Favourite Food: Cake! I just love cake 😂

Hobbies: Horses, horses, horses…and wine

Favourite Film/TV Show: - I find it very difficult to sit still long enough to watch a film and if I try I usually fall asleep. However, I do love The Great British Bake Off - it’s just so full of cake!

Favourite Place: In the saddle without a doubt

Favourite Saying: "no hobbit left behind", "go hobbit go!!!" And "stop hobbit, stop!" I am the hobbit in most of these scenarios 😂

Favourite Song or Artist: Any arias from any Puccini opera. In my previous career I was a trained classical singer and there is nothing more beautiful to listen to, give them a try.

John Agate - Racing Secretary at Michael Blake Racing


My job is to look after the office side of things while Michael and Sharon concentrate on the horses. I deal with all things relating to horse ownership, invoices and am available to answer any owner problems not directly concerning the horses!

Favourite Drink: Red wine

Favourite Food: Salmon

Hobbies: Dog walking, Hockey & Golf

Favourite Film: Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Place: Home

Words of Wisdom: you have one life so live it

Favourite Artist: ELO

Favourite Song: The One (K Minogue)

Horses in Training at Michael Blake Racing

Michael Blake Racing welcomes new owners

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