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SB Racehorse Rehoming

SB Rehoming was set up initially by Sharon Blake to rehome Michael's retired racehorses, it became apparent that there were many trainers who would benefit from sending their retired horses to a knowledgeable and professional yard to be retrained ready for a new and exciting career.

Sharon set up a Facebook page and was very quickly contacted by people looking for retired racehorses.

Horses are very carefully matched with humans. Sharon has strict criteria for rehoming including no single field occupancy - horses must have companions.........

Available horses are shown on the SB Rehoming Facebook page as well as lots of other photos and videos from successfully rehomed horses.

Listen to Sharon speaking about SB Rehoming


Please contact Sharon directly through Facebook or call / text: 07812 599904 or send Sharon an email

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Its not just about racehorses straight off the track at SB Rehoming, its thoroughbreds from all walks of life.
If yours is looking for a new career or postcode, SB Rehoming have a fantastic reputation for matching horses to riders.


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SB Horses Rehomed

A few of our horses in their new homes


October 4th our darling Tammy went to her new home. At 20 years old she was not going to be the easiest horse to find a home for, we had to be patient. I knew the right one would come along, Tammy is so sprightly you could see why she was a good Racehorse and then had winning babies,infact we had one of them here when they too finished their career.

Have fun Tammy and tell your new human to hold on tight!!!

SB Rehoming


Charlie at his first hunter trail loving life and coming 2nd. Can't believe it was almost 4 months now that you guys delivered him. What a star!

Maxine Meek


Sometimes life at SB for the staff can be frustrating! People don't turn up for viewings, others send you all around the globe for extra info on the horse which we are only to happy to provide for them, to say the place where they are going to live isn't available for a month!

We carry on regardless of course we do. Then there is the Murphy story, literally an hour away from rainbow. He started to pick up and now is living his best Murphy life with Rupert Pridham and Ruth Dawe, and we remember why we do what we do. For the horses.

SB Rehoming

Bertie & Earnie

When Sam rang SB Rehoming to ask if we had two nice chaps to hack around the local lanes, we were only too happy to help! One week later Bertie and Earnie arrived at their new home and are living the best Bertie and Earnie lives!

Well done Hannah and Sam and thank you

SB Rehoming
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