Sarah Meadwell : Work Rider / Stable Staff

"I have always loved riding and worked with Michael and Sharon with their team of Point to Pointers before we all moved to Andy Haynes yard in September 2008. Apart from a year off to have a baby I have worked with the racehorses ever since. I love my work and enjoy the great team spirit we have here."

Guy Clubley : Work Rider / Stable Staff

"I am the latest member to join the team but have known Michael and Sharon for many years working in a nearby yard and living locally. I have long held a wish to join their team and enjoying my work here now that I finally have!"

Laura Self :

"I have been working for Michael and Sharon for over a year now, but I have known them for many years. I have now achieved my ambition of working with them. I love my work and enjoy being part of an amazing team who strive to meet every individual horses needs. The energy and team work in the yard are second to none. "

John Agate : Racing Secretary

"My job is to look after the office side of things while Michael and Sharon concentrate on the horses. I deal with all things relating to horse ownership, invoices and am available to answer any owner problems not directly concerning the horses!"

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