First class care of all horses is a top priority and every member of the team is wholly involved in and committed to ensuring that each horse enjoys a happy and comfortable life at Staverton.

Essential to Michael’s peace of mind is knowing that his horses are provided with the best fodder.  They are fed a mixture of haylage and hay:  this is supplied by West Country Haylage who harvest the grass grown on the farm at Staverton.  Horses are fed Spillers Racehorse feeds and any supplements needed to help their welfare are also included in the diet.

Working closely with the team is Cara, an independent qualified equine therapist trained by Mary Bromiley, whose skill in massaging the horses both pre- and post-race is invaluable to the team in helping to assess their muscular well-being.

Phil Perryman, has a wealth of knowledge in shoeing racehorses and has won awards for his corrective shoeing methods. To have a horse shod correctly helps its movement and reduces the stress on vital joints thus reducing injuries.

As well as the care given by their own team on a daily basis Michael and Sharon appreciate the veterinary skills and support of Neil Brimson,  Peter Hatherell, Buffy Shirley-Beavan and the equine team at O'Gorman, Slater, Main & Partners.

Care of the horses extends to the time when their racing careers are over and new homes or new careers have to be found for them. Sharon successfully achieves both, with many ex-racehorses re-homed locally and others placed for training in new careers. This is especially important to the owners who wish to ensure that their horses continue to enjoy a contented life after racing.

Sharon herself owns an ex-racehorse which she has successfully re-trained as an eventer.


Phil Perryman, AWCF
P D Perryman Limited
Breach House, Marston,
Devizes, Wiltshire
Equine Masseur:
Cara Naylor
Veterinary Teams:
Neil Brimson
Garston Veterinary Group
Peter Hatherell
Hale Veterinary Group